Sunday, December 20, 2015



Thursday, August 13, 2015

summer to winter

Winter is peaking at us and I am kind of excited. Again, I am more pregnant than octomom, and do not have the staff that Kim K. has and therefore will not slim back down in the flash of a month, but still. I am giggling with excitement at the idea of fall and winter. The boots, the sweaters.... ok I'll shut up since I say that line every single season. Before you go stashing your summery staples in the back of your closet, let's figure out a way to extend their style time. Take the biggest trend of every summer and surprisingly, this coming winter, florals. Florals are always in for summer and they are not going anywhere for winter. So let's take those summery blooms and give them a chance to chill.

Long floral skirt

How beautiful is this maxi skirt with its bright blooms and tropical vibe?! It's a statement piece yes. And all floral maxis are since they are the most dominant part of the outfit. During the summer the easiest things to throw is a white tee and your denim jacket. Sandals make it even easier, and a pop of color in your accessories is what binds this look together. Take the neutral color in the maxi skirt of your choice, here, black, and pick a turtleneck in that color. The pairings of a maxi skirt with a turtleneck is very old world Parisian. Very chic. It all looks so put together when you add in sleek ankle boots and a warm and fuzzy fur vest. The emerald earrings replace the bright summery accessory for one that still adds color but with a more wintry mood.

Short bright skirt

For your shorter more playful floral skirts, the accessory factor doesn't change. Brighter is funner. With this incredibly beautiful Love Moschino skirt (which by the way is on sale!) a fresh white blouse adds crispness to the vibrant shoes and cardigan that you will pile on. For winter, don't just go for your normal chunky sweater. Pick one with interesting detailing and stick with black which will let the beautiful colors of that skirt pop. Over the knee boots are always a winner, but notice the shorter heel which replaces cheap with chic. Oh and I love this furry clutch!

Camel Accessories

If your summers are spent going from wineries to festivals, farmers markets to the Hamptons, this outfit was made for you. Im kidding! We can all pull it off and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. But seriously. I love dresses like this that have an upscale and modern cut and flow that are constructed in granny, prints. It shows your appreciation for good vintage, even if it's not. Gold gladiator sandals add an Italian flair of modernity to this dress. Hoop earrings and straw accessories keep the ensemble good, solid and classic. A trench, especially in a buttery luxe suede add a much needed warm heftiness to this lightweight dress. Gold fortunately works forever and for every season. So keep the accessories guilded for a toasty and glittery winter.


Another perfectly feminine festival piece. Garden worthy blossoms in a mod cut with another sale piece, this kimono from Romwe, are fresh enough to go from breakfast at a luxurious hotel to the fun and grimy outdoor music festivals. If you are thinking, I made a no-no by mixing metals with the gold and silver, I beg to differ. Because the color palette here is so ethereal, mixing silver and gold keep this look on its toes. I am loving it actually. And for winter you ask? I don't think any of us can really get past the love us girls have for the juxtaposition of good girl/bad girl. The biker style accessories add edge to this and again, and not to sound like a McDonald's commercial, I'm loving it!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

into the woods

We are going camping this weekend. At 8 and a half months pregnant, and as swollen as a whale, I'm not going to even try to create style outfits for myself. The most important thing I am worrying about is staying comfortable and cool from the sun. But a girl can dream can't she? So if you are planning a night in the woods anytime soon, here is a top tip for you when packing your duffel bag. Do not bring anything expensive. Every piece in these three ensembles is $50 or less. You will ruin your shoes, you will drop and crack your sunglasses, you will tear that dress. Ok change will to might. But it's better to be safe than sorry. Luckily there are plenty of ways to dress in style for bottom price these days. Here are my three picks when pitching that tent.

Rugged camping

Army green always looks goods in the woods and this dress is perfect for ruffing it through branches and mud. The yummy striped cardigan will keep you warm by the fire and the floral head scarf will get your hair out of the way when you toss that fishing rod. A good solid backpack you can toss on your back and on the ground is key. Keep the jewelry minimal. This leather bracelet adds character to your true stylista but fits in with the surroundings. Finish off with a solid ankle boot that will let you trudge carefully.

Denim Camping

I love a denim skirt when camping. This one is better off if you are going to be chilling out more than actually exploring the terrain. If you will be doing a little hiking, go for a flared one instead. You can never go wrong with a plaid shirt and this parka gets you style points while being practical. Accessorize with these fun arrow earrings and pair of no mess aviators.
High top sneakers are so comfortable and if they get grimy, toss them in the wash when you get back home. And finally, add a little pop of color with this durable backpack.

flower child camping

For the girly girl at heart, don't leave your floral dress at home. Blossom in the woods but pick a piece made of a light weight and breathable fabric. Throw on a good denim vest for good measure. Pull out your galoshes to keep your legs scratch free. The hat will keep your face sun free as well as these fun flower child worthy sunglasses. Some easy and fun layering necklaces and a Aztec print backpack proves you can play in the woods and look good too.