Happy Tuesday everyone. A little metallics to get me through the day. 
t-shirt and blazer from H&M
Skirt and shoes Zara

Adding some serious color this Monday morning

Sometimes, you've just got to focus on the details...


Just a few old and recent OOTD's 


  I think it's safe to say I have an obsession with necklaces...and the occasional candy bracelet.

Another neon and gold combo. 

Gone fishing. In my blue leather shorts. 

The neon blouse combined with gold accents. 

Fresh. White. Summer. 

A healthy obsession with spikes. 

The modern take on the school girl look. Mustard and jeweled collar necklace.

A raglan top gets a polished makeover with a hot red pencil skirt and a killer BCBG necklace. 

Showing off a Zara steal, pink leather quilted jacket. Great for layering with longer sleeves in the winter. 

A rock glam look with fashions one hit wonder, crochet.

Flirty summer in white and denim

Feeling the blues

A red and grey moment. 

Sometimes a great dress can double as a top!

Mix Master. 
Forget the rule about removing one thing before leaving the house. Wear two pieces of jewelry together for a customized look. 

                                                                  Over the knee boot.
                        Avoid from looking trashy by wearing this style of boots with tights or skinny jeans.

                                        Trinkets & Baubles

                                 My Parisian Moment

My hand made ethereal craft

                                         Dress up party

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