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Out with the old, in with the new. Freshly delivered offerings of spankin' new fashion. For this season there were a few new trends including the resurrection of brown and inspirations from the 60s. From chocolate to bronze, brown seemed like the obvious choice of color for a lot of the designers. Why had we abandoned it for all this time? Maybe it wears easily and feels drab after some time, but with such a long absence it just feels right. And after a lengthy past of saturated hues, the solidity of such a flat color seems to ground us back to basics. Whether it does or does not appeal to you, brown is here to stay. For now at least.
I'm just going to come out and say it. I love Gucci. They never get it wrong. They nailed the mod trend on the head. But they weren't the only ones hypnotized by the groovy era. The looks were reminiscent of the London girl on the fly. Colored leathers, mini dresses with straight lines and the perfection of the peter pan color. Valentino stretched out with graphic and over sized polka dots. The main attraction with all who went far-out was 60s detail such as muted and drab yet sumptious colors, ruffles, prints and leather trim all paired with solids.
With the usual fall expectations of brooding jewel tones and furs, came "The New Fur", shearling. Along side a myriad of delicious colored fuzz, shearling stood out. The rebellious one you can call it. The cool, not glamorous. The edgy not elegant. It skimmed the edges of coats and jackets, in different forms, from outrages proportions to finely trimmed to long and shaggy. And it graced not only the typical bomber. Surprisingly shearling seems to make everything just that much cooler including metallics, goat hair, suede, glossed leather and quilted sport. It was even tinted to maxamize the effect. But there were many who decided to celebrate the wool by letting it stand on its own, in whole.
Another interesting point taken from the shows was that prints don't die easy. This was seamlessly worked into the verity that the designers could simply not let go of brights. After such a long winter, who could blame them? They simply needed more time with blazing shades that they incorporated them into their fall collections. And the amusing part was that everyone carried it differently. Tribal prints on soft, flowing sheers were displayed at Burberry and Emilio Pucci, while Dolce & Gabbana did their signature yet somehow incredibly fresh and tantalizing Italian florals along with a new key print. When DVF sent her models out in opulent subdued hues, Dries Van Noten was busy getting high on delightfully clashing bright and enlarged prints. As for Carolina Hererra, Prada and Louis Vuitton the prints were scaled down in size but packed quite the punch.
You can always count on Chanel to give us happy, this time with loud solids and weaved literally into the Chanel tweed. Balmain knows when something ain't broke don't fix it. The continuum of their strong, edgy and bold leather detailing was just done up with hot orange and cobalt blues. Brights were such a big hit on the runways that there are simply to many designers to list. But you get the idea. Wintry coats, fabrics and silhouettes accented in thrilling colors.

Prints 2014





Hermes Farewell

It was announced today that designer Christophe Lemaire would be parting ways with the major fashion brand. Lemaire joined Hermes in 2010, and although most of us (including moi) weren't very familiar with the designer, his creative skills were very much expressed in his work. From his exceptional tailoring, to luxurious fabrics, Lemaire stayed true to Hermes' incomparable affluence. Here are some of my favorite looks from the designers start at the label.


Elie saab couture paris

Another dreamy show, this time at Ellie Saab. My interpretation of the show was definitely a core inspiration of a Paris night. A consistent color scheme of midnight hues in the city of lights. Rich deep sapphires, blushing apricot, creamy beige, pale to powdery blues, sultry slate grey, bridal worthy icy snow, all with a touch of romance reds and dramatic blacks. Ellie Saab always delivers enchantment, yet he usually sticks to a couple fabric selections and textures. For this collection he showcased his mastery in detailing. His classic minuscule flowered laces were present. But in the midst of those joined hand dyed lace in soft ombres, laces that were beautifully embroidered with the utmost intricacy. There were also glistening beads in black and midnight blues that gave the effect of moonlit water droplets. And with all this detailed complexities came a few lush and luxe furs in associating shades. Absolute perfection.

Elie Saab COuture
Elie Saab Couture

giambattista valli paris

Paris fashion week is buzzing. Altier Versace, Chanel. No. This tops that. Yes it tops Chanel. You heard right. How exciting it is to see fashion that gets you breathing harder, sweating for the beauty of the art. Well here it is. Giambattista Valli showed his Fall 2014 Couture collection in Paris where he revived the glamour of the 50's socialite. A true lady. A nonchalant attitude of confirmed coolness, this woman struts down her runway of life not bothering to stop and flatter her social surroundings, for they desire her company in any case. Swathed in striped drapery and pairing them with her basic florals, before that was known to be cool, she glides down the street in her in floor length silk with 100% cotton cropped house pants peeking through. Because she's cool like that. This is the woman that Giambattista Valli envisioned when creating this collection. He is bringing back the original cool girl. The florals that he showed differ from anything we have seen in the last decade. They have a real old world artistry to them. Masterpieces in their own right. And can we talk about the furs for a moment? They are so airy and soft and in a lavender shade, gently swaying as the models move, they give off calming luxury, rather than pompous rich girl. The classic oxford is brought in again when worn with lavishly ruffled skirts and ethereal creamy gauze, crowned in flowers. Speaking of flowers, gold sculptures graced some of the models necks illuminating their bare faces. The slim fitted midi skirts nipped in at the waist with glossy bands, or velvety belts emulate the different styles of this visioned being. And all wrapped up in a fresh white bow. 

Seen at Chanel show in Dubai

Piling on this many necklaces can be overkill. But with her glowing skin, simple white dress her pile is an artistic statement meant to be focused on. Lesson: When you want to go crazy, keep the rest sane. 



Chanel in Dubai. If that isn't a luxury overload, I don't know what is! Karl Lagerfeld 
definitely drew from his surroundings as models walked down the runway decked
out in a multitude of prints, kaftans, long open overcoats and pants over dresses,
concentrating on the harem version, and the occasional Kafiya print. This was
the ultimate Arabian Nights. The base of almost ever ensemble was the core of
Chanel: Tweed. But Lagerfeld brought a avant-garde touch to the traditional 
tweed like he never has before. The house's signature fabric was printed in 
exotic prints, a rainbow of colors and a mixture of weaves. They had raw fraying
ends which gave the uptight material a casualness about it. Matching all these
with everything you could possibly find in a dusty corner fabric shop created a
hypnotizing effect. From lame harem pants, to ruffles, to mirrored sequins to flower
appliques to sheer silks, to pleating... should I go on? This show exemplified the
mastery of mixing prints and textures which translated into a wildly cohesive 









The Resort Collection 

Dior does brooklyn
I know that Fall comes before Resort, but I couldn't help myself when I saw the collection Christian Dior displayed in, get ready for the shocker, Brooklyn. That's right, Brooklyn has quickly become the coolest place to have a fashion show ever since Alexander Wang paved the way, quite literally, back in February. According to, the show was inspired by the silk scarf. The fluidity of the close was very apparent, from the asymmetrical hems, silky fabrics, and easy to wear pieces. The prints were worthy of a Manhattan gallery which was framed by lots of strong black lines whether it be from over sized coat lapels or perfectly placed panels. Overall the message was energetic and modern. And with Dior securing Brooklyn's spot as the new cool, the celebs that arrived proved it's worth the trip. 

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