Let's keep it short and sweet shall we? The mod look is in. Yes? The makeup to match is just as straight forward. Take some tips from the uber cool london chic and keep it simple, classic, nude. The face should be matte and barely sculpted. No blush. If you must, go for a very pale peach tone, almost skin color. Let the eyes pop with some groovy liner, lots of lashes and naturally groomed brows. Thats it. Don't over do it. Don't think about it too much. This is simple. This is chic.

London Prep Beauty


If you follow me on Instagram, @itsthestylista, then you will know what beauty trend I have been obsessing over lately. The 90's beauty rage was all about natural sexiness. First lets talk about the brows. Besides for Kate Moss, who bless her soul, sported thin brows and was still the supermodel, all the others were going au naturel, with thick yet groomed brows. The face was always flushed as if we all sat out in the sun, lightly bronzed with a dash of blush. The eyes natural with come-hither contouring and lashes. And the lip color of that decade was earthy. From nude to mauve to brick, and almost always matte. The whole look gives one of I-woke-up-like-this. And although over time we have come to love our bright lips, intense bronzing, and electro-pop eyes, the natural look is just timeless. And back then they proved that going natural doesn't mean sacrificing love at first sight. 

90s beauty


Bright Makeup

Bright eyeshadows were cool in the 80s, and in the beginning of 2000. And then it all went nude. Bright lips made a longer showing but bright eyes always felt like too much. Not anymore. With so many beauty brands coming out with super shocking shades, you can't help yourself but want to play with them. MAC's always had every color under the sun, but it was more left to the wild. Now everyone is asking for the most blinding colors available. Now how to wear them? The runway is usually the place to show off completely unwearable makeup looks, but there are a lot of really cool ideas that could work easily and not look like rainbow overload. Most of the time, keep the rest of your face simple, opting for a nude lip. But I have to say I am loving this green eye and dark lip combo for a dramatic night out. When done right almost any color looks good on any eye color. Except reds. Reds on darker skin can look like you had a bad nights sleep or even worse a rash. It's a hard one to pull off, but if you really are craving the raven, then just pick a corner. Don't do the full eye. Blues, greens and purples are really flattering for every eye and skin color. Yellow, coral and oranges also are people friendly, just use a light hand. You don't want to look like a stop light. 
BRight looks

Bright eyes



pretty in pink

From orange to pink. Lips come back to the colors we dreamed about as little girls. No extra lashes, shadows or crazy bronzing needed. Simply swiping on a pink lip, whether it may be glossy or matte, bright or pastel, easily brings out the happy in us. Pink pouts give you an instant face lift as it creates a rosy glow. If you needed an easy beauty routine for summer, look no further. Just swipe, pout and go!


Summer diy facial


white nails

Seems like a rainbow of options are available for summer nails. But when you don't want to get sick of them, why not go with classic white? You can keep it fresh and clean add a little design. Keep it chic though. Black, white, or silver. Nail stickers are great too which minimize any mistakes that white nail polish can show off pretty well. Plus it will match any of your bright summer ensembles.

braid a student


loud mouth


glow in the dark


Gold Leaf at Chanel


The long bob



Beauty Empties

To be totally honest, I am pretty addicted to the Youtube beauty community. One of my favorite things to watch are the empties videos. For those of you who are not familiar, these are videos of the beauty gurus, showing you what they have totally used up and how they liked it. Although I am not planning on creating my own channel anytime soon, I thought this would be a great idea since I noticed recently how many beauty products I have finished this month. Here are some of my all time favorite ones, and a few new ones I might just have to repurchase.

The first foundation I ever used was this L'Oreal True Match Foundation. I began wearing foundation a little later than my friends because I thought that they were all thick masks covering up real skin. But when I purchased my first foundation, due to amazing advertising, I discovered a whole new me. This is by far the best foundation I have ever used, and throughout the years, I have tried countless, hoping to find another great one to fall in love with. This never happened of course. This medium coverage foundation is exactly what it claims to be. A true match for your skin, since there are 32 shades! This feels like nothing is on your skin, yet it gives you enough coverage, and not too much to feel cakey. It lasts the whole day and makes your skin look flawless. I have wanted to upgrade to a fancier more pricey foundation to see the difference in quality, but I have just been let down. Nothing compares to this! I have bought this over 10 times and it's only $11.00.

Another L'Oreal product I am obsessed with is the Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base. This is basically a primer. Again, this was the first primer I have ever owned. It is silicone based and literally makes your skin feel silky smooth. And when I say silky, I mean like actual pure silk. You need the tiniest amount, and as you rub it into your skin it goes from a thick whip, to gliding silk. Your foundation, no matter which one you use will go on like glass.

I recently received a free sample of this Benefit Porefessional Pro Balm. This is like a primer for your pores. Unlike the L'Oreal Perfecting Base, I apply this only to my largest pores on my cheeks. It's basically pointless to use this on your whole face. It has the same texture as the L'Oreal, yet it visibly fills in your pores. You actually see your pores disappear. I am heading back there this weekend to purchase the full version.

Red lipstick. I guess you can call this post, discoveries. Because nearly all these products changed my beauty life when I discovered them. When I wore red lipstick for the first time a few years ago, I felt powerful. It always scared me but I decided to buck up and do the deed! My first red was Mac's Ruby Woo. An intense, matte true red, I wore this every single day for the first year that I bought it. I have just finished my third bullet and need another one now. If you don't already know, Mac's lipsticks have a reputation for being really dry. This is true. Especially the mattes. The color pay off of their products are so good, I could care less. But if it really bothers you, you can apply a thin layer of lip balm and you will be fine.

If you know me you know that I. LOVE. NARS. This, again, is the first product that I purchased from the. Nars blush in Lovejoy. After hearing all the hype on Orgasm, I had to go and see for myself. But just at the sight of the pan, I decided that it was too sparkly. I still haven't tried Orgasm and think I have to now. But I decided on the color Lovejoy. And I wore it for years. A bronze rose shade with a tad of shimmer, it is like a rosy glowing tan. I can't imagine this shade would look bad on anybody. But then agian, Nars seems to make shades of makeup that look good on everyone.

And lastly, the epic Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay. I love every shade in this palette. You can survive solely on this alone for your eyes. But the two colors that I have worn almost everyday since I purchased it are Bootycall and Chopper. Bootycall is a shimmery blush pearl shade that I wear in my inner corners to add a glimmer of light and also on my inner lids. It also works great to highlight your brow bone and I even sneak it onto my cheekbones sometimes. Chopper is a gorgeous rose gold shade. When applied to your outer lid and socket, it looks as if you are naturally glowing and flushed but with some extra sparkle. On evenings out, I just intensify both shades and add a wad of mascara.

I hope you find something here that you like and try it out. Let me know what you think, and if you love them as much as I do. And if you have a favorite product you cant live without, shout it out! I am always looking to try new products.

Brow Power

Brow Power by itsthestylista featuring anastasia beverly hills

Going natural is the big buzz on the beauty scene. At the Spring ready-to-wear shows, models sported thicker brows. At Marc Jacobs, makeup artists intensely filled in the girls brows to look more theatrical than real, keeping the rest of the face totally nude. This quickly trending beauty style was also seen at Alexander Wang. But at Dolce Gabbana, the models were given thicker brows that looked more authentic. This trend is no surprise, since as they say, life copies art and art copies life. Celebs like Lily Collins, Jennifer Connelly, and Camilla Belle have been wearing their brows this way forever. And models like Hilary Rhoda and Cara Delevigne have both stayed with their roots, no pun intended! Of course Marc Jacobs intense brows are too runway for reality, but how do you achieve the perfect bold brow, even if you've got nearly none yourself?

1)Proportions. Here's a little tip. Never go thicker than the width of the bridge of your nose.

2)Shade. Choose a shade that matches. If you want to go dark, look at the darkest shade in your own head of hair.

3)Pick the right tools. Tweezers, brow gel, a good flat angeled brow brush and brow powder will be your weapons for killer brows. I personally don't like pencils because they look to harsh, but the only one you will need is a light brown one for outlining.

4)Sculpting. Begin by outlining the brows you want using a light brow pencil. Tweeze any hairs outside the lines. If you already have thick brows, brush your brows up and trim any hairs that are too long and tweeze sparse bottom hairs.

5)Filling. Most brow powders now come with two shades. The lighter shade should be used on the inner brow by the bridge of your nose and the darker shade for the rest of the brows. This creates a truly natural effect. Using your brow brush, first pat in the shadow to ensure full coverage on the skin. Then go ahead and brush the edges. Don't make the edge too sharp or  you will look like Madonna in the 80s. Use your finger to smooth the edges, if necessary. Lastly,  use a brow gel to keep  hairs in place. You now have beautiful thick and natural looking brows!