Getaway Denim

For your next summer getaway, go retro! The classic denim skirt is always in style and it is so comfortable it makes the perfect staple for strolling through Europe's finest streets.
For a Roman holiday, gladiator sandals are the way to go. A striped top, straw bag and red headscarf keep it old world classic without letting the sandals get too literal.
Sight see beautiful Greece in a more flowy skirt. This one takes denim to a new level paired with a romantic cut blouse in a bright orange that will contrast against the great white villages of Santorini. Add some crisp blues to mirror the mesmerizing Mediterranean waters.
Get groovy in London. With all the incredible festivals happening in the summer you know a free spirit ensemble is the way to go. Keep it light and fresh with easy accessories.
Bring out your effortless inner Parisian by enhancing a drapey skirt with touches of jolie pink. Playful and feminine fringe earrings with your hair casually done up make eating a croissant a much more delightful experience.
Step out of the touristy territory of jeans and sneakers and blend in with the locals, all while standing out. ________________________________________________________________________________________

I just started following this jewelry brand not long ago on Instagram. Their photos of the pieces they design always stop my scrolling to a screeching halt. I am especially in love with their art deco detailing. These truly look like vintage finds! Here are some of my favorite pieces right now. Click here to shop!
Chloe and isabel




London fashion week, or any fashion week for that matter, dishes out a generous helping of delicious street style. This look is oh so London prep with a dash of glam. Not only is it fabulous, but wearable for everyday too. A comfy sweatshirt paired with an embellished pencil skirt can be worn as is with flats, or with heels and added glitz by throwing in a statement necklace. The color paring here of dusty ochre and medium blue is what really gets my inner London juices flowing. And just because the skirt is embellished, don't stop adding luxe elements. Patent leather bow flats or ones adorned with fur just keep this ensemble that much more captivating. 

London Lady


This season, Gucci set the mod trend on fire, down the runways. At least that's the way that I see it, since they are my favorite fashion house. But anyways, designers were quick to notice that this would be one of the smartest styles for fall and winter. A collared dress will instantly transform you into a London 60's chic.  And a strong shift in opaque chalky colors provides the solid lines to play against a mod canvas. 
The heeled knee high boot is very mod and wont deliver this trend as too literal and gives the look sophistication. For a sweeter look, go for classic and preppy by picking up a pair of Mary Janes. Today, there are so many versions that it's easy to have fun with it. And for a little retro kick, go with an ankle boot. Not only is very modern, but adds edge to an otherwise good-girl dress. 

Mod Dresses



The weather still permits running around without a coat. But it can still be a little chilly as the crisp fall makes it descent on the earth. Cue one of my favorite accessories. Long leather gloves. The gloves aren't really the star of this outfit. In fact every piece here plays a key part, since they all possess a pop of color, or a surge of texture. But the long gloves are what make this ensemble truly Parisian chic. Well the pumps too... and the fur scarf... and the red bag.. Oh forget it! I can't decide what I love more. And surprisingly, with all the pops of color, fur and leopard they all meld together seamlessly sharing a white canvas and strong lines to contain their dapper punch! 
french chic


A girl never gets bored of her brights. It always, but always brings back memories of pulling tutus, boas and moms heels and strutting around the house like barbie (if you follow me on twitter, you will know why I shouldn't have mentioned barbie :)) Dressing up is fun! And bright pieces let you enjoy all the fun of it. But how to do bright on bright right may seem tricky. But it's not. My number one rule is this: Keep it sophisticated. If you pick a bright skirt with a bright tank and bright heels you will inevitably look like a teen bopper. Opt for smart pieces that make you look put together. This pricey coat is worth the investment. When will you ever tire of throwing on a pink plastic rain coat to cheer you up on gloomy days? Never. I thought so. Because the coat is translucent, it's soft enough to pair over this brightly printed skirt. And because the skirt is covered more in the blue print than the orange background, you have the freedom to toss on school bus yellow gloves. And because the sweater is basic black and white with a smaller, almost tweed like pattern, it can be easily paired with a bolder printed skirt.  And because most of the pieces have black hem details, it grounds everything and it works.... just because! 




After all these years, brown is finally making a comeback. Gone are the dismal attributes of this under appreciated color. Cocoa, chestnut, coffee and cinnamon. Sounds like ingredients to a delectable recipe, and indeed it is. The looks that came down the runway were as tempting as a box of chocolates. And they too shared a comfort factor when cut in magnificently feel-good fabrics. But don't be fooled into thinking, that in order to sport brown, you have to delve to shmatte-like levels. Au Contraire! Thing stylized basics. Infuse your brown with the latest trends; prints, booties, the draped coat, the bucket bag. 
This right-now Zara coat picks up on the navy in this incredibly wearable dress. The floral print is perfection and the lace adds just the right amount of extra interest. Throw on a colored fur scarf which will throw you to the front of the style game, and is glamorously practical at the same time. Brown tights keep things velvety and suede scuffed boots extend the luxe pleasure all the way down to your feet!



This season, the prints are loud and bold. Strong colors and graphics are a quick and excellent way to make a style statement. I adore this skirt for its eye catching primary red abstract floral print. The oxford shirt is still very in. Layer it under a fuzzy sweater for these colder months. Notice how I chose a cropped sweater to showcase the striped band at the top of the skirt. The mix of strong patterns on clean crisp backgrounds are impossibly chic right now. Keep the rest of the accessories basic black to ensure this trend gets clearly delivered. 
Printed skirt


With the recent passing of one of Hollywood's biggest starlets, Lauren Bacall, I can't go on without posting something about her. Bacall is my all time favorite old Hollywood icon. Her beauty was unparalleled. Just "the look" was captivating enough to send you to your knees. Her personality was strong and fierce yet strikingly seductive, romantic and feminine. And this was all translated from screen to real life. And how can we not mention her style? She owned everything she wore with pride and like it's never been done before. Her style was glamorous and put together and incredibly sexy. Here are 5 inspired outfits from my favorite looks from Lauren Bacall. 

Inspired by Lauren Bacall

L.B. Inspired

LC. Inspired 3

L.B. Inspired 5

LB Inspired 6


Jessica Alba's style is to the point and on point. Inspired by this first look, I love the bold striped and pop of color combo. Because the top that I chose has jeweled embellishments, I decided to keep the bag simply white and not black and white. The pattern would have been too much. Jessica's shoes have leather appliques which would also over complicated the outfit on the right. These brace zipper heels are clean lined yet strong and noticeable. 

Inspired by Jessica Alba

Denim and lace is such a great pairing for fresh summer days. My favorite part of this outfit are the shoes I chose which are a steal at $56! And they look really expensive. 

Inspired by Jessica Alba


This is not being sponsored. This is just a really great sale I thought I'd share. Happy shopping! 

Nordstrom Sale


So, let me start by saying....
I Love I am on it everyday. I love their posts about street style, parties and of course the instant delivery of runway shows the second it happens. But this one kinda really bothered me. First let me say that when this post was on their home page, they stated "Dress like the stars for a whole lot less". At first I thought that this was misleading because they feature so many of the same exact pieces. But then when I clicked it, it says that it's a sale, indicating that the pieces that the celebs are wearing are now on sale. Either way, some of this stuff is over $1,000. Now to some that's chump change. But to me, I took it as a challenge to find real deals! I think that even though, some of the stuff featured, that happens to be the same exact piece the celeb is wearing, is on sale, the goal is to find similar items for less. But I still love and respect for proving that if you wait, it will go on sale and thus you can really truly dress like a celeb.....if you can afford the "sale" price. 
So here is every outfit, with their version, and my version. Enjoy. 

Chloe Dress, $780
Giuseppe Zanotti Sandals, $501

printed sundress
Donna Morgan Dress, $95
Steve Madden Sandals, $60

Alberta Ferretti Dress, $2,188
Linda Farrow Sunglasses, $228

embroidered dress

Floral Dress, $100
Mango Dress, $29
Geijo Cristabell Sunglasses, $119

Proenza Schouler Dress, $897
Proenza Schouler Heels, $592

scuba dress

Label Lab Dress, $100
Abstract City Dress, $330
Alexander Wang Sandals, $249
Privileged Suspender Bootie, $50 

Hudson Jeans, $245
Barbara Bui Jacket, $810
H&M Shoes, $99

blue snake skin
Pu Panel Biker Jeans, $35
Calvin Klein Jacket, $58
AMALFI Trudi Loafers, $85
TOPSHOP Loafers, $95

LNA Camisole, $78
Sonia Rykiel Skirt, $504

navy pencil skirt

Topshop Camisole, $35
Yoursclothing Skirt, $42

Honor Dress, $1,360
Walter Steigler Shoes, $268

flower dress
Modcloth Dress, $30
Lulu's Dress, $69
Zara White Heels, $60
DSW Yellow Heels, $60

Erdem Dress, $1,031

black dress

Diane Von Furstenberg Dress, $438
KAYU Jen Clutch $159

Dolce & Gabbana Dress, $1,008
Valentino Dress, $382

lace dress

(Left to right) Monsoon Lolita Dress, $175
Femme Pleated Dress, $53
Mikael Ahgal Dress, $280
Steve Madden Sandals, $80
Jeffrey Campbell, $68
Miss Selfridge, $68

Antonio Berardi Pants, $353
Antonio Berardi Top, $423

black lace

Collette Dinnigan Top, $195
Alice + Olivia Tank, 242
Theyskens' Theory Pants, $114

Vintage Dress, $445
Robert Clergerie Oxfords, 298

Modcloth Dress, $34
Yosi Samara Preslie Loafers, $150

Red Valentino Dress, $537
Casadei Pumps, $378

garden dress

Choies Floral Print Dress, $44
Ted Baker Pumps, 185

Peter Pilotto Vest, $690
Peter Pilotto Vest, 289

white shorts

Proenza Schouler Top, $399
Paul & Joe Sister Shorts, $185




A few weekends ago, around a shabbos lunch table, we were having a discussion about who our style icons were. I must admit that mine is Giovanna Bottaglia, with her edgy and glamorous Italian flair. But a friend mentioned that Olivia Palermo can do no wrong. For some reason, besides for seeing Olivia Palermo everywhere in the media (magazines, websites, The City) I always knew she had great style, but I never really studied it. Well now I can say I have, and this girl loves her blazers. Let me first say my friend was absolutely right! I could not for the life of me find an ensemble that I didnt like! Olivia is not only flippin gorgeous, but everything she wears, she wears and it does not wear her. Her outfits seem to be totally thought through, what with layering, accessorizing perfectly, picking the perfect heels, yet she struts her stuff like it's no big deal. She dresses to kill. This is the kind of style that inspires me and gets me drooling over perfectly assembled looks. Her love for blazers is no secret. A blazer gives access to easy layering, endless slimming possibilities and pulling a look together. Below are 5 looks from Olivia Palermos brilliant style mind. 

Olivia P. 1

OP 2

OP 3

OP 4

OP 5


Oh how summer brings out the preppy in all of us. The all American BBQ, the connection to the sea and stripes. Lots of stripes, and the occasional belief that we could totally look cool on a yacht, wind blowing in our hair, skin glistening. And even though we know it would look more like our hair getting stuck to our lipstick, nearly going overboard and for some, feeling oh so sea sick, we still crave nautical styles. The crisp simplicity of linens and knits, the elementary handwork of knotted rope, it just screams clean summer. With a roundup of high end and low end pieces, everyone can look like captain magic, even if you don't own a yacht. 

Nautical High


knotty girl


Safe in an unsafe world

locked and loaded


Berlin Fashion Week Inspirations

There is no shortage of brights this month. From the World Soccer Cup's team spirits, to endless fashion week inspirations, the brighter the better! But no one does bold better than in Berlin Fashion Week. Inspired by their ballsy style, I couldn't help but insist to attempt to look as naturally audacious as they do. From rainbow hair to crayola lids. Patterns, details, leather, block heels! Yet, it comes off as easy, and light. Take note my American friends, take note. 

Happy Fashion Germany


The Oxford Shirt
The oxford

Style with white shirt



Let's get print happy! I'm not talking about your typical floral print, or your preppy stripe. These prints are tropical, whimsy, art-inspired, funky psychedelic prints. They stand out. They make a statement. They got you stopped in the street. Yea, they get you noticed. With patterns this wild and out there, you need to know exactly how to style them. Here are the hottest prints at low and high price points, I could scour the web for.

Print skirts

Dress prints

Tops printed

Shoes printed

accessories printed

To style these pieces you might think to keep it super simple with a t-shirt, or jeans. Why not pump up the volume and keep your ensemble as interesting as possible?
Textured solids- If you want to keep it on the simple side, and decide to pair your prints with solids, at least pick textured solids. It adds just the right amount of interest so that this look wont count as a been there, done that.
Prints- If you can, and know how, and are ballsy, do prints on prints for a high end, I-know-what-I'm-doing luxury style.
Stripes- Sure they also count as a print, but unlike most prints, stripes have a sturdiness to them that can surprisingly act as an incredible canvas for bold prints.
Menswear- The juxtaposition of serious business menswear and fun, loud and girly prints are, as you might know by now, is something I drool for.
Style With. Patterns


get the look rhinanna


The Waistcoat

The sleeveless blazer is the new summer jacket. Easy to throw on and adding major style points of originality, it's a piece worth investing in. It's actually easier than most might think. Throw over basically anything in your wardrobe and you are bound to make it more interesting. Layer with blouses, add volume with maxi skirts, seduce with leather and a band tee or keep it casual with jeans. Call it what you will, sleeveless blazer, vest, waistcoat, this one is super fun to style.

style with vests


polka dots


Tribal Territory

Inspiration comes from everywhere, but one of the most colorful and long standing historical derivatives of style awakenings happen from the tribal communities. Whether African or Native American, tribes express themselves through the colors and patterns of their handmade finery. Find pieces with classic cuts to frame in the pattern. Anything overly wide and flowy will look too literal.
Style with tribal

To style this loud trend, pick up a leather piece. Sticking with the natural element of tribal, it is also a strong statement to accompany this trend. Colored flats in a shade that picks up on the piece you're wearing, keeps the look fun and casual. Fringe is another way to add fluidity to your tribal look, but keep it minimal on a handbag or shoes. Black lets the prints speak for themselves, and adding the slightest embellishments shows your desire to keep the look interesting. The bird print is huge right now, and mixing prints is no longer a fashion faux pas. An airy tropical print mixed with tribal can translate into modern and fresh sartorial perfection when done right. A bright solid top also grounds the look whilst maintaining its loud and proud color fiesta. And NEVER, I said NEVER wear the feather headdress. You will just look like you escaped a tribal museum. 


Gov ball____________________________________

power of pastels

This years spring pastels are no repetitive music. Flattened with chalky and powder bases, they are softer and subtler. This makes the perfect potion for pairing with your entire wardrobe. Literally, these colors match everything. Pastel on pastel looks ethereal and gorgeous, but why not surprise and excite with the unexpected. Here's what I have in mind...

pastel style with

Pastel color match


It's no secret that fashion is a never ending cycle of regeneration. "The _______ is
 back!" How many times have you heard that line before? And who better to draw style inspiration from than old Hollywood starlets? Ones whose style is timeless from the moment they stepped off the big screen till today. Here are is my interpretation of whats old is new 
Jackie O Style

Grace Kelly Style

Audrey Hepburn style

Lauren Bacall Style


The Midi Skirt
midi skirt
Flattering on every shape, size and color, it's no wonder the midi skirt is at the top of everyone's list to buy this season. It transitions so well from winter to spring to summer that investing in one is a no brainer. And the best part is that there are no rules here except that the length should be between the bottom of the knee and the top of the ankle. Prints, textures and details are a free for all. Here's how to style them.

Untitled #213

A crop top looks great with a high waisted midi skirt. Showing just a sliver of skin is very in. And if you don't want to show any skin, layer a crop top over an oxford blouse for a perfectly customized look. The boxy top has the same effect when paired with a flared skirt. Creating a more is more look with big on the bottom, big on top overwhelms sartorially until one gazes at your dainty ankles peeking out perched on fabulous heels. A band tee gives an otherwise elegant midi skirt a casual juxtaposition. Throw on some big and bold statement earrings for a bigger bang and a sporty bomber jacket is playful and interesting. But always remember to wear your most incredible heels. After all they are the star when your skirt goes to great lengths.

memorial rooftop

memorial bbq

beach memorial


Jeweled Flats
foot candy

The idea of candied anything gets a girls attention. And referring to anything jeweled as candied just makes it seem more delicious. Because embellishments mean decorations, which means celebrating. And what would a girl like to celebrate more, if not her second true love (or first) shoes? Flats in this case. Getting off your high of heels doesn't need to mean slipping in to simple old ballet flats. Comfort can also be lavish. With a few jewels and quirky adornments, this seasons flats are the way to sparkle.
style with jeweled flats

Lets be honest, you can wear flats with anything. A little dazzle just make it better. So since you've got a free ticket to pair them with your entire wardrobe, I thought I'd style some outfit ideas. So go ahead and give your feet a rest, fabulously. 

Inspired Look 
GET THE LOOK Taylor Swift

I love how even before it was in style, Taylor Swift stuck to her style gut and dressed in preppy classics. This look, I love yet it bothers me at the same time. I love it because, um hello, she's wearing a midi skirt, my (and I'm sure all of you stylistas) favorite item right now. I love the bold red lip contrasting with the blues. What bothers me about this look is that it's too literal. Especially the Marc Jacobs flats with the tad heel. If these heels were worn with jeans and a cardigan, they would have looked great. But each piece in this outfit is too cute. All together makes her look like she's shooting a 50s film. So here's how to get the look in a more modern way. This skirt from Dorothy Perkins, has washed out blues that go perfectly well with your denim shirt you have hanging in that closet. Any shade of blue denim will work but this one from Gap gives the floral a little edge with its bleached effect. The shoes are from Asos and definitely have that preppy factor but not as cute. I love these. Keep the red lip and go a little funkier with the shades.

                          THE SHINING
                 Must-Have Series Part III


Designers got the molten touch this spring splashing shiny fabrics all over the runways. Lanvin, Balmain and Isabel Marant, to name a few, experimented with light reflecting and eye catching materials that literally lit up the fashion world. You can't deny that a girl will always love her sparkle. But you don't want to look like a walking future bot.  Lamé may be the first fabric that comes to mind, and since it's so thin, it's easily wearable. Iridescent leathers being the most popular
 metallic on the market right now is fun and futuristic while still maintaining a feminine appeal with it's rainbow effect. Beautiful jacquard and silks 
are also a great way to incorporate a more subtle shimmer to your style. Look for pieces with texture to the fabric which just adds another level of 
interest, such as this DKNY gold top. And dont forget our beloved sequins. They may be dated in the form of body-con dresses, but with done
tastefully, they add just the right amount of sparkle. The best tip with metallics is keep it classy. Otherwise you risk looking.... I said it again, trashy. 

Style with

Let's start out with the basic, as well as the number one color to have this fall, as you may have already seen in my first part of the Must-Have Series. White. White is the best way to bring out the brightness of a metallic. It lets it shine and it keeps it fresh. Gold pieces look incredible when worn with shades of peach which enhances the glow of this color. If you choose to wear a shimmering floral item, try choosing a solid partner to pick up on the shades of the print. Speaking of print, a printed blazer looks exciting when worn with a cropped top or bustier underneath. And denim is the perfect match for copper. Playing on texture, a fuzzy sweater works well with metallics. To accessorize, a black hat creates a sharp ensemble for a night on the town in your glimmering outfit. And an interesting tribal necklace further expresses your unique style choices. 


Burberry Inspiration
If I had to pick one show to define the essence of spring, it would be Burberry's candy colored confections. I'm guessing that Christopher Bailey's inspiration board was filled with photos of decadent treats, ethereal fabric swatches, a vial of crystals and maybe a painting of Marie Antoinette. If you are imagining, fluffy feathers, tulle and glitter, you thought wrong. The better half of the show was dominated by models strutting down the runway in pretty pastel ensembles that were cut with structured modernity. Lace pencil skirts covered in oversize brooches, frosting colored trenches, light minty sweaters, ribbon belts, and draped yet neat dresses. An enticing feast of perfect spring pieces for the office and after hours champagne. The look is extravagant yet not unattainable. Here's how to get the look, with finds for under $100! Cus' I'm cool like that. ;)

Pretty Pastels

Look for lightweight pieces with interesting detail. Pleats, silver threaded lace or strong lines are a plus. It may be hard to find apparel embellished in jewels at an affordable price, but you can purchase beautiful brooches and attach them to skirts, sweaters, dresses, shoes, the list is endless. A basic blazer in a pop of color like peach, or lavender is excellent. But be sure it's well cut and doesn't look cheap. Pile on the color by wearing pastel on pastel and then throwing on candy colored earrings. And don't be afraid to add on the flowers. More is more when minimalist shapes are involved. Belts and clutches in sweet shades and covered in textured flowers elevate the look from well priced to well off. 

        Inspired Style

Coachella INspired

Coachella is always a playground for endless inspiration for the free spirit. The style atmosphere is always easy, casual, fun and effortless. One of the trends that kept repeating itself was ethereal embroideries, graced with fringe hems on mostly, kimonos. The kimono has recently replaced the cardigan if you haven't heard and its the perfect way to add character to your ensemble, casual or not. Prints always put on a good show at Coachella. Florals are an obvious but sunflowers are having a moment. Their connection to the never-dying flower child and careless beauty allured a lot of festival goers. Aztec prints stamped bags, nails and the occasional iPhone cover. White was the evident color of choice, and vintage style tees always make a comeback. But instead of your humdrum, dark angry grunge tees, the sense was more of a desert, fresh, vacation style, which is distinctively appropriate.

Must-Have Series Part II

What once was lame is now cool. But if you're familiar with the fashion world, this is old news. How super cool did you feel in high school being a bad ass girl strutting down the hallways in boys sportswear? Well this is a grown up version of old school. Panel sweat shirts, tennis skirts, stripes and racer backs hit the mark when aiming for this trend. Pump it up with cool fabrics like spandex and neoprene. Break the rules by choosing a piece with floral insets. Sneakers get the style treatment when infused with chic prints and embellishments. And heels are revved up for some sporty color blocking. A glammed up baseball cap in fur, leather or spikes thrown over casually tousled hair is effortlessly high end. You can go edgy prep or sporty luxe. Either way, you will be popular in no time.

Sports Chic

Going too overboard is never a good thing. Yet play with this theme, accessorizing one literal piece at a time.  A wide black headband says both sporty and sleek. A bright colored blazer over an athletically cut and printed dress is the perfect finish. Striped knee socks are uber fun with a tennis skirt or upscale sneakers. And for Jewelry, play on juxtaposition. If you are sporting a more sophisticated dress, throw on phrase chain necklaces. For the more casual athletic look, add in some jeweled earrings into the mix. Layer a racer back top or dress over a crisp white oxford for a supreme outfit of the day.

Sports chic style with


Kate Moss for Topshop

Kate Moss for TopShopLet's all agree that Kate Moss is the ultimate fashion icon of our times. She is always so effortlessly chic that sometimes, lets admit, we can hate her just a tiny bit. But the fact is that we really love her and anything that she touches usually turns to gold. Kate Moss' collaboration with Topshop is one we have come to love. Her most recent one however, has me a little disappointed. Her pieces tend to be iconic, classic bombshell numbers we all crave in our closet. I guess you can say these are as well. They have the boho-chicness that defines Kate Moss, but this collection seems, dare I say, cheap? I'm not one to dwell on the cup half empty, so I will focus on the full side. From all.... 31 I believe, pieces I have chosen 4 that stand out to me the most as purchase-worthy. Don't get me wrong, this is only my opinion. If you love suede shorts, run out and get them now! But these are my picks.

The embroidered smock dress and blouse caught my attention with its trending tassels and throw-on allure. The dress with ankle boots and the blouse with black skinny jeans will get you noticed to which you reply, "oh this old thing?" Cue the smirking wink!
We all know metallics are in this season, the shinier the better. This lamé blouse is just the thing for a subtle shimmering touch. You can easily pair this with denim but take it a step further and grab a white pencil or maxi skirt to really bring it into the spotlight.
And lastly, the black fringe dress is classic Kate. It screams rock & roll cool girl like nothing can.


Must-Have Series Part I

When do you remember the white dress not being a warm season staple? Could it be it's reference to heavenly angels decked out and glowing in white sheaths? Or maybe it's the way the sun hits us from behind illuminating the billowing colorless fabric? Whatever it may be, the white dress brings out the daintiness in all of us. This season, it's the cool girl essential. Forget about the typical white skater dress. Go for unique detailing and possibly a mingle of cream, ivory and stark snow. Texture like perforation, pleating, lace or waffle will highlight the exclusivity of your frock amongst your fashionable peers.

The White Dress

Equivalent to a white canvas, color is your best friend when styling a white dress. A vibrant floral jacket is the perfect topper, done exceptionally well by Ted Baker London. (Be sure to check out the entire spring collection from Ted Baker London for endless ethereal floral prints). As for jewelry bring out the luminosity of white with a pearl statement necklace. Pick up something a little more modern than your average traditional pearl piece. Emerald and white always remind me of Greek goddesses, so look for something like this green crystal cuff.  Be eclectic with a fun printed head scarf or add a pop of color with a pastel belt or heels. Or go completely white on white with these fantastic bee embellished sandals from Zara.

White dress style with...

Inspired Style From The Festival Goers

This years Lollapalooza goers showed off, what will be, some of Fall's greatest hits. Here are some music lovers that inspired three outfits you can't miss this season.

Dita Von Teese always looks unique. Her embroidered-esq lace is a big trend this fall. Black fabrics that have texture exude elegant drama. This French connection skirt has just the right amount and paired with an embellished white top expresses this seasons black and white trend. Together they are more interesting than your average black skirt, white blouse office style. And why not go a little further and throw on a gold sequined cardigan? It adds a touch of sparkle to a neutral ensemble.

Lollapalooza Inspired- Dita Von Teese

Graphic prints for fall are all deep and moody but still pack enough punch to get you noticed. The orange trend has not yet died down and we have seen it all over the fall runways in an array of shades. Pair textured white trousers with a leather shell and turn in your basic black blazer for this conversation starting printed one. This mashup is extra fashion forward and the blazer will go with all the neutrals in your closet.

Lollapalooza Inspired - Graphic Prints

Lollapalooza Inspired - Graphic Prints by itsthestylista featuring river island jacket

Animal print and khaki green are huge this fall and paired together results in a glam rock African safari style. A maxi dress in upscale animal print is a great way to do leopard without looking cheap. The biggest trend we are seeing with army style jackets are black leather installments, whether it be the sleeves or patches. This goes seamlessly with the dress. Throw on a shocker gold toned statement necklace and red pumps for a little extra wild.

Lollapalooza Inspired-African Print

Lollapalooza Inspired-African Print by itsthestylista featuring a brown dress


Must-Have Accessories For Fall

Pumped up Pearls

Pumped up Pearls by itsthestylista featuring a druzy ring


Must-Have Sweater For Fall

Fall Must Have

Fall Must Have by itsthestylista featuring short sleeve tops


3 Different Ways

Mad about Plaid

Mad about Plaid by itsthestylista featuring bcbgeneration

Great Scott!

Great Scott! by itsthestylista on Polyvore


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