Monday, August 3, 2015

jet set style

I don't care who you are, if you are alive, you want to be comfortable when traveling. Unless of course you are a Kardashian and have an entourage of assistants, makeup artists and stylists, ready to lay down the red carpet for take off and landing, then comfort is key. But you don't want to sacrifice style when flying. You are in public after all. Of course you must stick to your own style and don't fake it.


That's right, because honestly, you are so jealous of those people traveling in sweatpants and messy hair. But there is a way to be ridiculously comfy and look great. Enter the printed legging. It's instant fashion and comfort in one. This oversized chambray top is basically your grandfathers pajama shirt and throw on a chunky knit cardigan and you will sleep like a baby on the plane. Velvet slippers couldn't be more chic and easy. As for a bag, choose one that's roomy yet not stiff. You are the kind of girl that wants to toss her bag on the floor and not worry about losing the style factor. The beanie and aviator completes your cool girl jet setting style.

Rock band

If you look like a rock star, then do your thing. The rocker tshirt, the leather jacket, biker boots. But don't play it too cliche with leather pants. Plus who wants to travel in leather pants? This cool graphical skirt is true to your style but gives a little extra edge. And skip the spiked ankle boots. They are so predictable. These are a more polished version. You don't want to mess around, so shove everything into your backpack to make everything look effortless. And I won't end this one without mentioning this duffel bag. I am just in love with it.


I get it. You are a true stylista, and would never dream of going casual, even on the plane. That's fine. If there is a will, there is a way. Pick a classic cut dress in a comfortable and movable fabric. The blushed toned duster is the substitute for a sweater. It's light enough to throw around, but impeccably glamorous. Don't do heels. Never do heels on a plane. Again, only if you are a Kardashian.... I guarantee you even she takes her heels off on the plane. Instead, a pointy flat is foot and style friendly. Again, the luggage, how amazing?! I love Ted Baker!

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