Wednesday, July 1, 2015


As street style continues to be the ultimate inspiration for both fashion lovers, artists, designers and, well... the whole world, The Sartorialist is the site to go to get that inspiration instantly delivered to your desk. These two looks stood out to me recently because as summer keeps creeping in, prints are the best way to express happiness with the sun shining down. I love this first look for so many reasons. One being the obvious, the amazing printed skirt. What do you pair with a print as specific as village scenery? With more prints of course! Since the skirt is such a peculiar image, its best to go with the most toned down of prints, stripes. The striped tee not only grounds this look it also adds an effortlessly chic touch. To add even more oomph style with bright accessories.
print house skirt

As much as I love the bold European edgy stylist vibes the most, I am a sucker for preppy. Get the look by matching up this well structured yet fun floral print with smart pairings in basic brown. Except when combining sunny yellow with sky blue, this ensemble is anything but basic.
croc accessories

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